Winter 10

Back in December, I drew a 6th grade looking artwork piece of things that I wanted to experience during the holiday season. I hung it up in the kitchen where I saw it everyday- reminding me of great times to be had (and the fact that I am not an drawer). It actually worked, we did almost everything on my picture-goal-experience sheet.

So, I thought I would try to do it again, only this time it would include my projects, some fun and some not as fun.  Maybe I will do this each season? And since I have been playing with PicMonkey, I decided to make my picture a little more graphic.

winter 10

They are all pretty self-explanatory, so I will save the details for later posts after they are done!

Wont you join me for Winter 10? Post a blog like this and link in the comments.

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COMPLETED: click below to link to more info. on that project

1. valentine mantel