Project List

So here are some things that have been on my mind to do and below are things that I have completed. Projects… I like to call them.

Projects are in order of priority. ONE being most important and FIVE being the least. This list will grow and change as I think of more and re-prioritze. Once they have been completed, I will move them to the COMPLETED list, with link of blog post if applicable, and date of completion. Someday that list will be huge and make me feel good. Right?


  • Solve the “drop spot” problem
  • Garage corner – place for shoes, coats, etc.
  • The horrid organization project of the Dining Room closet
  • Sell some items – purses, rugs, etc.
  • 2012 family yearbook
  • Create a monthly home task list


  • Start project bins
  • Try 2 new meals a month – in progress
  • Raise Doug’s Life Insurance
  • Start envelopes for spending money
  • Re-org the bathroom closet
  • Add doors to black sideboard
  • Get refrigerator containers
  • “In process” bins in Dining Closet
  • Basement – purge a lot organize the rest
  • Go through 2012 files, and create a new yearly system


  • Re-org the pantry shelves
  • Hang something on the kitchen walls
  • Isaac’s 1 year book
  • Get our will done, professionally
  • Get rid of half my clothes/do the hanger turn around
  • Isaac’s 1 year video
  • Get rid of/or pack up maternity clothes


  • Refinance our home
  • Window covering in bedroom & living room
  • Create a home binder
  • 2nd coat on Isaac’s animal canvases
  • Create a seasonal calendar for house maintenance upkeep
  • Redo Recipe Binder
  •  Look into 529 for Isaac


  • DIY daily positive and promises calendar – gift?
  • Open an etsy store for project momma ?
  • Add my bucket list to my blog
  • Isaac’s 1 year quilt (made from picture fabrics) Isaac baby book
  • Go through basement containers
  • Buy some Apple stock, just for fun

– – – – – – – – – – – — – – – – — – – – – – –


  • Buy domain and host this blog
  • Weekly grocery list – see it here! 
  • Monthly food inventory


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