Tooth, TV, and Throwing – Isaac at 16 months


Books: Go, Dog, Go, Curious George, Little People flap book, and One Fish Blue Fish
Finding the balls on his clothing
Letters in the bathtub, on TV, his clothes, etc. He says “Ay, Eh, Ay, Eye”
Singing the Alphabet (normal song, Superwhy version, and “A, You’re Adorable version”)
Singing Superwhy songs in the car
Watching Superwhy! (Gasps while running from the bedroom)
His juice (half water, half apple juice), only gets 4 oz per day.
Climbing on us while we lay on the floor (he points to the floor to start the game)
Saying hi to the monkey in the tree at church
His little people toys: barn, tractor, bus, airplane. Obsession!
Hugging Elmo and Scout
Walking in the snow
Dancing to the music on Superwhy and his little people toys
Raisins, teddy grams, pear, pancakes with syrup
Pretending to sleep on our bed making snoring noises
Running & climbing

When he cannot get his Little Tikes truck through the doorway
When the silo doesn’t stay connected to his barn
If I take keys away from him
Sometimes cries when Mommys leave on Thursday nights to teach
The TV being turned off after his show
Having an itchy, runny nose, and of course when it has to be cleaned

Lost his front right tooth playing peekaboo. (Story here)
Went to the dentist for the first time and got an X-ray
Pumping his arm and saying “Choo-choo!”
Puzzle pieces matching (advanced ones like animals, vehicles)
Some motions to Wheels on the Bus (swish, beep, & shh ones)
Throwing a ball – overhanded
First time at the Cincinnati Children’s Museum
First (bad) haircut by mom
Sitting at the table in his wooden chair
Saying “mommy”, “bible”, “uh oh”, “no way”, “go dog go” (kinda), “open” (kinda)
Signs “please”,”eat”, and “all done”. Nods his head “yes”.
Watching the cookies cook in the oven
Putting lotion on his face
Fell asleep sitting up during nap time at co-op
Pointing to his ears, hair, nose, eyes, toes, etc. (but gets bored after first few)
Using plates and bowls more often
Starting to give kisses

Working On:
Coloring -mostly likes to move the crayons around on the table & put them into container
He did try to do dots & lines like mom, though
Eating with a spoon – getting better, still messy (Not interested in fork)
Not whining so much, especially when Mom comes to grandmas
Not touching things (light, fireplace screen)
Keeping his hand out of the garbage

28 lbs and 2 oz at the doctor when he lost his tooth
Wearing his 6 wide shoes, just a little big
18 month PJs starting to be small
Sleeping 7:15 p.m. – 7:00 a.m.
Still napping 2 times a day, but sometimes taking 1 nap @ 12:30 for 2 hours
Still rear-facing in carseat
Wraps up his blanket around his neck while sleeping
Tooth number 9 is coming in…or is it 8 😦


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