Old Cards, New Tags!

At the end of each Christmas season, I go through my cards. I usually throw away all the cards without pictures and save the ones with. I am a picture person. This year when I opened the decor I found last year’s cards. Hmm, why did I save these? It took me a few days to remember, but it came back to me. I had a plan to repurpose old cards into gift tags!

To do this simply cut out apart of the card, without anyone’s hand-writing on it. Then use a whole punch to make a hole to attach to a ribbon. I most always use ribbons, but I suppose that you could just tape them on the package if you want that look.

Here is an example:

photoHere are some more. I didn’t use all of them, but they are ready for next year’s gifts, along with this year’s leftover cards that I have tucked away. Doug thought it would be funny to gift someone their own Christmas card, but that is too much work for me.
photo Here are a few finished gifts. I think they turned out pretty cute! Right?!

photo photo
photobanner.greeting card gift tags

Thank you Pinterest for another great idea. No money and very little time. That’s how I roll.


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